What you'll get

What to expect:
Except for beverages and cakes, each of your menu items will be packed into standard sized 1/2 silver trays.  Two trays will fit one standard sized chafing dish. 
If your order will be delivered hot and ready to be served, we recommend that you set up and light your chafing so when your driver arrive they can place your items directly onto the hot chafing dishes (this is a great way to keep your menu hot!).
If you will pick up your menu, your items will be cold and you will need to reheat your items before your party.  Reheating in an oven is recommended and the trays are oven safe (we will email you reheat suggestions after your order is processed).   
Pro tip - Keep the extra food warm:
If you will serve more food than one round on the buffet, you'll need a way to keep the "extra" food warm.  An oven set to warm works.  A "hot box" is also a good option.  They'll keep the food warm for up to 4 hours.  You may rent them from your favorite party rental store or we offer them for rent.
Your shopping list:
  1. Chafing Dishes (or some way to keep the food warm on the buffet).  You may rent them from your favorite party rental store or we offer stainless steel chafing dishes for rent.  Our rental includes heating oil (see next item).  We do not recommend wire chafing dishes as they tend to burn the food.
  2. Heating oil for the chafing dishes (such as Sterno)
  3. Buffet serving spoons
  4. Plates, cutlery and napkins
  5. A sign indicating the menu.  There are many options - a printed menu at each placesetting, one large sign at the head of the buffet or individual tags on each dish.  See our Pinterest board for ideas.