Food Rules

Fresh is better

Nothing beats the taste of fresh ingredients. The flavors are brighter and far more interesting. That’s why we use as many fresh seasonings that we can get our hands on.

If it ain't broke, don’t fix it

We’re all about culinary experimentation and trying new things in the kitchen. That being said, some traditions and ways of cooking are perfect just the way they are - even if they take longer or requires the use of harder to find ingredients.  We cook the traditional Caribbean way - the seasonings are fresh and traditional, all of our meats are marinated for at least 24 hours and the Black Cake (Fruit Cake) takes 4 weeks to prepare (yes, 4 weeks).

Cook in season

A long time ago Mother Nature decided to give us certain fruits, vegetables, seasonings and flowers (yes, we cook with flowers!) only at certain times of the year.  Who are we to question her good judgement? You’ll notice that certain items are only available at certain times of the year or there will be a limited availability for an item because a crop hasn’t been great that year. We’re sorry for the inconvenience but you have to take the good with the bad when you cook with fresh foods (see Kitchen Rule #1).


Cook with Love

Food is fuel.  As we source, prepare and package our foods we keep in mind that you and your loved ones will eat the food.  So we treat the foods as if we were preparing it for our own families.


Bless the Hands that Prepare the Food

Our kitchen staff is incredible.  They get up early and stay late to prepare your menus and they do it with love, care and compassion.  That is why we go beyond the standard practices in the hospitality industry and pay our kitchen staff higher wages and offer certain benefits.