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What areas do you serve?

Is there a minimum order?

Do you ship?

What is ChefClub?

What are TSC Points?

Do you offer Gift Certificates?

How do I provide feedback?

I would like The Shadow Chef to sponsor my charitable event. What should I do?

Questions about your products

Do the product descriptions contain all of the ingredients for each product?

What are your portion sizes?

How do you define “vegan”?

How do you define “vegetarian”?

Some of my guests have food allergies. What should I do?

Questions about FREE Pick Up

What is your pickup location? What are the pickup hours?

Is there a fee for pickup?

How will my pickup order be packaged?

How should I prepare for a pick up?

What is the best way to reheat my pickup order?

Do I need to reheat my order? Couldn’t I just put the cold pans on chafing dishes?

Can I send someone to pick up my order for me?

Questions about delivery

Which days and times is delivery available?

Is there a delivery charge?

What should I expect if I get my order delivered?

How should I prepare for a delivery?

Will my delivery person set up and serve my order?

Why are some items only available for delivery?

How do I keep my items hot after they have been delivered?

Questions about placing an order or changing it

What is the deadline for placing an order?

After I place my order, may cancel it?

What if I miss the cancellation deadline?

After I place my order, can I add to it?

After I place my order, what if I want to remove some of the items?

Do you issue refunds?

Can I place my order offline?

Questions about receiving, setting up and serving my order

What type of packaging will my order arrive in?

Will my delivery person set up and serve my order?

What type of chafing dishes do you recommend?

Is there any other equipment that you recommend?

Corporate and tax exempt accounts

I need to pay by check or purchase order. Is that possible?

I am ordering for a not for profit organization/government agency. How do I remove taxes from my order?