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The Shadow Chef Story

Our journey in the kitchen began over 20 years ago with a vegetarian/vegan restaurant in the Caribbean. Today, we create cuisine that draws on cultures from around the world. The Shadow Chef, our latest creation capitalizes on our interest in creating distinctive dishes that are delicious and affordable.

We’re fascinated with food..how it can bring people together, complete an experience and create a lasting memory. It’s no coincidence that mealtime plays a significant role in every culture around the globe. Therefore, by drawing inspiration from the varying (and delicious) foods of the world, our Team has created a menu that can season your next event.

This menu will continue to grow and change as we cook up new and wonderful dishes and beverages. Check back often as we’ll always be adding new menu items or having special seasonal offerings. If you haven’t already, join ChefClub, our email community, and we’ll keep you updated of new menu items and specials.

We continually learn from our fantastic clients, most of who feel like old friends. So if you have any comments or suggestions of new menu items, please feel free to send them to our and we’ll get back to you shortly.

The concept of The Shadow Chef is quite simple: we are your silent contributor, preparing distinctive dishes so you can live, laugh, love and eat without any worry.

Thanks for visiting us,
The Shadow Chef Team