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There is a company that is your partner in creating a meal that your guests will love. There is a team that understands that your satisfaction is not freely given, but it must be earned. There is now the ability to receive high quality and distinctive dishes delivered to your door. Welcome to the Shadow Chef.

Our Menu

We will bring you the finest, most memorable food and drink. Our chefs draw their inspiration from every major culinary tradition around the world. There simply is no rival in quality and taste to dishes prepared without using shortcuts. Our kitchen is full of ingenuity and short on over processed and preserved foods. Taste the Shadow Chef difference.

Our Ordering System

Our goal is to create an ordering experience that is quick and simple. We provide you with two ways to order your menu: online or offline. Both methods are secure and you will quickly receive an order confirmation. Please place all orders at least 48 business hours in advance (excluding public holidays). Caribbean Black Cake should be ordered 4 weeks in advance.

Client Satisfaction

Your satisfaction is not given freely, it must be earned. Every order is handled with precision and care. If something doesn’t meet your expectation, please let us know.


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Ready to have an unforgettable culinary experience?


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